Ray Kennedy Cup 2018

IDet er stadig tid for tilmelding til Ray Kennedy Cup. Ray Kennedy Cup afvikles lørdag den 1. september.

Ray Kennedy Cup er en 7-mands fodboldturnering for deltagere med sygdommen Parkinson. Andre lignende hold kan deltage efter invitation.

Det er 6. gang at turneringen a9oldes i Valby.  Efter lodtrækning er de 9  hold  fordelt i 2 puljer.

Hver kamp er fastsat til 12 minutter.


Sejr giver 2 point, uafgjort 1 point

Står flere hold lige er indbyrdes kampe afgørende.

Står de stadig lige er målforskellen afgørende Står de stadig lige, foretages lodtrækning.

 Finale kampe

Semifinale og finale. Vinder er den, der scorer flest mål. Står der uafgjort efter 12 minutter afgøres kampen med straffespark. Hvert hold har 3 spark. Står der lige efter 3 spark, forsættes indtil det ene hold kikser.

Vinder af turneringen vil modtage en vandrepokal.

Turneringen starter kl. 14.00 og afsluttes omkring kl 18.00. Efter fodbold vil være fælles spisning betalt af vore sponsorer.

There is still time for signing up for the Ray Kennedy Cup. The Ray Kennedy Cup will be held on Saturday, September 1.


Ray Kennedy Cup is a 7-man football tournament for participants with Parkinson's disease. Other similar teams can participate after invitation.

It is t9e 6th time that the tournament is held in Valby, and the hope is that there will be atleast teams. After draw, the 9 teams are divided into 2 pools- 

Each match is set 


 Program for Ray Kennedy Cup 2018

 Saturday, September 1th at. 14.00 in Valby. The matches are played in Valby Idrætpark, Fremad Valby´s premises. It is played on plastic lanes (kunststof baner).:

This year nine teams, namely: Sweden, 2 teams from Norway and 6 teams from Denmark, will participate in Ray Kennedy Cup. The teams are: Sverige, Norge 1,Parkings Norge 2 Parkmix, Shakes, Stive ben, Prostata 1, Prostata 2, FC Parkinson 1 and FC Parkinson 2.

All players please be ready at pm. 14:00. The tournament will be officially opened at. 14.00. Se matches on next page.

Each match is played 1x12 min.

The matches are played on 7-aside lane. The number of players is determined by the individual teams. But a maximum of 7 plyers on the field at a time. Location of replacement players is agreed with the referee.

Questions regarding the program should be directed to Eigil Sabroe tel. 26165040, e-mail eigil.sabroe@gmail.com.

Supporters, Wife’s etc. are very welcome.

After football matches there are arranged dining and socializing on the site. It is free of charge for all players. Supporters will pay 100 D kr.

The team leader from each team declares to Eigil Sabroe email eigil.sabroe@ail.com number of participants in the dinner, 2 days before. Payment is made on the day itself.

Interested supporters etc. who will participate in the whole event contacts eigil.sabroe@gmail.com.









Ray Kennedy cup

It is the 4th year Ray Kennedy Cup will be held in Valby. Players in the tournament are all affected by the disease Parkinson. The initiative to use football in the training of people with Parkinson was taken by Finn Egeberg Nielsen 5 years ago, and then Ray Kennedy Cup was invented.

After a draw the tournament is held with the following matches:


Group 1, Lane 1

14:30 Norge 1 – FC Parkinson 1

14.45 Sverige – Prostata 2

15.00 Norge 1 – Stive ben

15.15 FC Parkinson 1 - Sverige

15.30 Prostata 2 – Stive ben

15.45 Norge 1 - Sverige

16.00 FC Parkinson 1 – Stive ben

16.15 Norge 1 – Prostata 2

16.30 Sverige – Stive Ben

16:45 FC Parkinson 1 – Prostata 2


Group 2, Lane 2

14.30 Shakers - Prostata 1

14.45 Norge 2 - FC Parkinson 2

15.00 Shakers - Norge 2

15.15 Prostata 1 - FC Parkinson 2

15:30 Shakers - FC Parkinson 2

15:45 Prostata 1 – Norge 2



KL 17.00   Semifinal

Lane 1:       Number 1 group 1 – number 2 group 2

Lane 2:       Number 2 group 1 – number 1 group 2



Kl 17.30    Final


Nordea Fonden supports Ray Kennedy Cup 2017

Ray Kennedy Cup 2017

Again in 2017 the cup was supported by Nordea fonden