Ray Kennedy Cup




 Program for Ray Kennedy Cup 2019

 Saturday, August 31th at. 14.00 in Valby. The matches are played in Valby Idrætpark, Fremad Valby´s premises. It is played on plastic lanes (kunststof bane)

All players please be ready at pm. 14:00. The tournament will be officially opened at. 14.00. Se matches on next page.

Each match is played 1x12 min.

The matches are played on 7-aside lane. The number of players is determined by the individual teams. But a maximum of 7 plyers on the field at a time. Location of replacement players is agreed with the referee.

Questions regarding the program should be directed to Eigil Sabroe tel. 26165040, e-mail eigil.sabroe@gmail.com.

Supporters, Wife’s etc. are very welcome.

After football matches there are arranged dining and socializing on the site. It is free of charge for all players. Supporters will pay 100 D kr.

The team leader from each team declares to Eigil Sabroe email eigil.sabroe@ail.com number of participants in the dinner, 2 days before. Payment is made on the day itself.

Interested supporters etc. who will participate in the whole event contacts eigil.sabroe@gmail.com.


Nordea Fonden supports Ray Kennedy Cup 2019

Ray Kennedy Cup 2019

Again in 2019  th ecup is supported by Nordea fonden